Adult nutrition from the
golden valleys of ireland

A unique range of premium, specially formulated Adult Nutrition products.

Based on Irish Grass Fed Milk Powder produced from cows roaming outside on open pastures and grazing deep in the heart of Ireland’s historic Golden Valleys. Nurtured for generations by our farmers, with a unique diet of lush green grass and white clover which allows them to produce a milk that is famously rich and naturally nourishing to make you feel better inside and out.

From Ireland’s Golden Valleys to your home to help improve your everyday wellbeing. We bring you the delicious goodness and health benefits of Irish grass fed milk powder.

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Our pasturelands spread across the Golden Valleys and have been cultivated on family run farms for over 150 years.

Our unique location, in Southern Ireland, means our cows graze openly and freely on one of the most fertile pasturelands in the world. Formed over thousands of years, the nutrient rich glacial soil of the Golden Valleys, enjoys an average of 150 days of annual rainfall and a mild temperate climate, resulting in the perfect recipe for grass production… and happy cows.

Grass Fed Goodness

Healthy, delicious and sustainable, Aerabo™ delivers the power of grass fed dairy

The nutrient rich grass and clover our cows graze produce a superior tasting milk powder with natural health benefits, making our Aerabo™ Adult Nutrition range a healthy and nutritious drink. Our cows graze on our open pastures for an average of up to 250 full time days over the season. Healthy, delicious and sustainable, Aerabo™ delivers the power of grass fed dairy.


Dairygold Health & Nutrition, a division within the Dairygold Co-operative, is the company behind Aerabo™.

Our rich dairy farming history began centuries ago as a way for our farmers to provide for their families and communities. Located in the rich fertile Golden Valleys of Southern Ireland, Dairygold is one of Irelands largest dairy co-operatives with a long and proud history of producing quality-assured, sustainable dairy products supplied to over 50 countries around the world.