Who are we?

Dairygold is one of the largest multi purpose Dairy and Agri Co-Operative Businesses in Ireland owned and controlled by its Farmer Members.

From the most fertile dairy hinterland in the world, our mission is to nourish people across the globe with naturally sourced gold standard dairy ingredients. We maximize our shareholder’s value by fostering relationships with our key partners and adopting a culture of sustainability and innovation. Dairygold Health & Nutrition is a new business unit within Dairygold to drive opportunities for value creation, acquisitions and partnerships and leveraging the strongly rooted dairy heritage and grass fed credentials across our family-run farms.

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Farmer Owned CO-OPERATIVE:

Aerabo™ is a genuine story, deep-rooted in a historical farmer owned co-operative from the premier dairy region of Ireland.

Our co-operative, Dairygold, is made up of many small family-run farms and collectively is one of the largest farmer-owned co-operatives in Ireland. A co-operative centred around our farmers with an inherent connection to the land and deeply dedicated to driving best practices in animal welfare, sustainability, product quality, traceability, soil and grass management.

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Picturesque view of the Golden Valleys in Ireland
Family Run Farms:

Since the early 1900s, our families have been farming the lush green pastures of Irelands fertile Golden Valleys.

The land we farm has been handed down through the generations creating a deeply instilled love and understanding of the land. Our farmers are custodians of these Golden Valleys, with a tradition of farming that has been passed down from previous generations, but also constantly exploring new technologies and better ways of working to improve the quality of life for their cows, for their families and to ensure a bright and sustainable future for further generations.

Sustainable Dairy Farming:

We give our consumers a reason to be hopeful for the future of the planet.

Our co-operative tradition of only producing milk from grass fed cows, on family farms, in the fertile Golden Valleys of Munster, means our farms are already some of the most sustainable dairy farms in the world.

Our abundant rain, clean air and nutrient-rich grass, create the perfect dairy farming conditions. But we don’t stop there. Sustainability is not just a policy for Dairygold – it is a culture that is engrained and prioritised throughout our entire organisation to ensure that the future of our small family run farms, who work cooperatively to produce our dairy products, are secure for generations to come.

We believe in building a greener future every day. We are founding members of Origin Green, the worlds only national sustainability program to unite the Government, Private Sector and Food Processors (led by Bord Bia, The Irish Food Board).


1,200 Passionate and ambitious shareholders and employees, we have a proud history of producing quality-assured, sustainable gold standard dairy ingredients.

We are producing some of the worlds most advanced and innovative nutritional solutions, with a clear vision and plan to be a global player in supplying naturally-sourced dairy nutritional ingredients, we are boldly shaping the future of the industry.

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