In 2021, Dairygold launched of a range of premium milk powders for the Asian market. The Aerabo range has been carefully formulated to appeal to different market segments and features products aimed at young professional adult milk drinkers, older more health-conscious consumers, as well as those with more active lifestyles. Commenting on the launch, George MacLeod, General Manager at Dairygold said: “Aerabo is the first Irish milk powder to carry the Bord Bia Verified Grass Fed accreditation logo and will appeal to adult milk drinkers as well as introducing new consumers to all of the unique benefits of the grass-fed nutritional goodness of Dairygold milk products.”

The Aerabo launch is part of a longer-term Dairygold strategy to build a business that will deliver incremental growth and higher margin to its current core activities by developing premium products for key growth markets.

“Aerabo is part of a pipeline of new products which are currently in development and will be launched over the next few years. The creation of Dairygold’s Health and Nutrition business allows us focus on the delivery and growth in value for the Society through the development of
new health and nutrition propositions with strong market appeal. Dairygold will become a higher margin business in the coming years as a result.”

Aerabo Full Cream Milk Powder was initially launched in China but there are plans to target other South-East Asia markets. Other products in the range will follow during the course of 2023.